Welcome to "Don't Rage Quit" a blog dedicated to inciting rage quits in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh. Im not really a mean guy the blog is a bit comical in theme, rather than just blogging about decks that are good or thoughts on yugioh or (yawn) tournament reports and pack openings (I mean really who the eff cares about what you pulled).

This blog is all about fun decks. Decks that may at times have more fun in the frustration you cause in your opponent than being a top tier deck. It embraces game dynamics and how cards interact with each other sometimes because they can rather than because they should.

I also will go into combos that do the same thing. So expect a lot of locks, stalls, OTKs, FTKs and anti-meta stuff. They are all fun, and at times overly complicated but ultimately have people calling your deck gay or broken so enjoy.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Appropriate Quit

Im gonna jump forward a smidge to pretend Galactic Overlord came out because it introduces a card that I think is very cool. Card Car D it does a lot of things for this deck that Mystic Piper couldn't do (assuming you weren't lucky as heck and drew into an arm or leg)

For those that don't know heres its effect
Cannot be Special Summoned. During the Main Phase 1 when this card is Normal Summoned: You can Tribute this card; draw 2 cards, and skip to the End Phase. You cannot Special Summon the turn you activated this effect.

Plus the name is such a joke I love it... Card... Car d... Car D get it hahahaha

Ok 2 steps back you can see all kinds of draw engines when you scroll back through the posts but I never really posted a exodia except as an alternate to the Blasting the Rage Quit post. You can also read in my Chain Quit Post about a guy that played Solem Wishes and Appropriate on me and made me wanna gouge my eyes out. So as all these things percolate in my head I think I have finally came up with a Exodia deck that is fun for me to run.

Heres the premise, take advantage of all the beyond insane amounts of draw cards toss em into one deck with some cards that normally plus your opponent so that you can draw 2 cards each time with appropriate leaving you with a fist full of cards in hand hopefully with 5 pieces of exodia in it.

So I give you an "Appropriate Car for Exodia"

5 Pieces of exodia - Duh!

3 Card Car D - more often then not you play this after your shenanigans to pull that last piece, or after a one day of peace so you have no worries about getting OTKed. If not so sorry... come again. You can run Mystic piper here until the Car comes out, 3 pipers and 4 pieces makes 7 cards for pipers effect, piper doesn't end the turn so the shenanigans can continue but the cons for me are that it loses the consistency battle to the car so piper out car in.

3x Destiny Hero Defender - 4 star... 2700 defense OMG, still he wouldn't be in the deck except for his effect. When Appropriate is active then they get 1 you get 2 and since he has to be in face up defense you can set him and give yourself some room to get your appropriate in position.

2x Maxx C- Draw power is a good thing but has the additional effect of really making ppl put the breaks on. Hell would you keep specialing if I got 5 cards in the deck and you know Im playing exodia.

1x Card Destruction- Card and hand destruction and Dealings can be a double edged sword when you got pieces in hand or if your up agains Darkworlds. But its a target for appropriate and in the end they do more good than harm.

3x Cup of Ace- is a win win with appropriate

3x Dark World Dealings- Same as Card Destruction

3x Gold Sarcophagus- I actually despise this card!!! So effing slow but hey worst case you pitch it for your Card/Hand/Dealings. I don't think you could run the deck consistently with out it. But Im trying like hard to find replacements.

3x Hand Destruction- Same as Card Destruction

1x Magical Mallet- Another that Im not super hugely fond of but its a great hand decloger when you draw into your pieces too soon.

3x One Day of Peace- I love this card, it gains me 3 cards with appropriate and saves me from damage next turn

1x Pot of Duality- I run one because honestly Im not gonna need it 9 out of 10 when that next turn comes around but I would call you a fool if you wanted to run it at 2

3x Upstart Goblin- Bahhhhh take the 1000 WTFC

3x Appropriate- Star of the deck just remember to draw your cards of your opponents draw effects too!!! REMEMBER THOUGH.... You have to activate this first to use it, so the first time you get no draws!!!!!

3x Dark Bribe- Its perfect because it will not only protect your Appropriate but net you 2 cards when they draw.


OK I kinda messed up the above list. You definately want a Pot of Avarice in the deck if not a couple Dark Factory of Mass Production.

The reason is that there is so much hand destruction (less with trap dustshoot gone) but with Windups and Darkworld your gonna get some pieces in the grave. Chances are you can draw into your POA so its not the end of the world and some risk takers can use thier own hand D or Card D on thier own pieces relying on the POA to save the day.

Remember that your weak spots for siding or making alterations to the deck is Gold Sarc at 3, Defender at 3 and even Card Car D at 3. This is were you want to splash in cards like POA, DFOMP or if you want to run more Pot of Duality

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chain Quit

Ok #2 on my list of decks that don't attack is Chain Burn. Chain burn is a personal favorite because it is extremely simple and straight forward. However I always couldn't stand most of the build out there, they always seemed to complicate the main win condition of the deck.... Chaining and burning... simple right??? so if it doesn't chain and doesn't burn then don't play it. (Well maybe we should call the deck chain draw burn because hand replenishment in the pursuit of your win condition is equally important.) I do have a more complex build that Ill post just after the basic one, Im not saying its any more or less effective but one may fit your play style better.

Im not going to go over each cards too much because like I said its straight forward, but for those that don't know chains resolve backwards meaning if your gonna flip "Just Desserts" do it before you flip "Ojama Trio"

3x Battle Fader: Some chain burners will start booing when they see this card and despite what I say I'll never convince them other wise. I will first argue against Fader. A smart player facing this deck will save up their Solemns and negate Fader when they make their push for game. Thats why you should run Swift Scarecrow so you can't get negated and the battle phase ends. Thats a very valid argument and I do run 3 swift scarecrows in the side for certain match ups. In all honesty though 8x out of 10 that cost of a solemn is another nail in their coffin because Ill probably have a back up out in place, its like fader just burned for 2000 or half the LP. You can smartly run fader if you are constantly evaluating your opponent and paying attention. The plus is that fader is now on the field as just another obstacle for them to deal with.

1x Morphing Jar: The only issue I have with Jar is that he can be easy to read. Replacing him with a card like Marshmallon can be fun when they set all their cards before they attack but chances are let them go right ahead no buggy you shoulda just done the same.

2x Chain Strike: The namesake of the deck assuming your opponent didn't start a bunch of chain links this card can appear at the end of your chain doling out 2000 of burn damage. NOTE: you can chain a chain strike to another chain strike. This is possible because when the second is activated there was not multiples in the chain for this reason you could not chain a third even if it wasn't semi-limited.

3x Pot of Duality: ummm yeah next

3x Poison of the Old Man: This will be the second card that chain burners boo. Ok 800 burn damage isn't the sexiest you can do Ill admit but its chain able and IMO more consistent than the alternatives. To each their own I guess.

3x Accumulated Fortune:  Its the draw power big brother to Chain Strike, and like Chain Strike you can chain one to the other as chain link 4 or higher.

1x Ceasefire: Remember this card is godly, it looks at all face up effect monsters, your opponents and your own... so assuming you had just fadered flipped this card then Ojama trio you can count the 3 tokens on their side plus your fader dealing out 2000

2x Fairy Wind: Kinda a personal call I guess, its a possible 1200 damage if chained to a whole back row that was chained. Which easily puts it up there for total damage. but it also hits opponent face up back rows too, which can hurt a lot of other decks being run right now. All you sissys that whine about you taking the damage too, consider this. This deck is really meant to win in 2-3 turns its not a slow burn deck. Chances are you will never miss the life points after you have won. In the variant below I use Fairy Wind to combo with Good Goblin house keeping to really generate hand advantage (but another alternative is a card like Emergency Provisions)

3x Just Desserts:  I love this card combo it with Ojama trio to deal 1500 unless they have 2 monsters out making it 2500 plus unlike Ceasefire this baby you can run at 3.

3x Jar of Greed:  Chainable draw power

3x Legacy of Yata-Garasu: Chainable draw power

2x Magic Cylinder:  OK OK its not chain able but the amount of damage it can inflict far out ways that

2x Ojama Trio: Great fodder for Ceasefire or Just Desserts, also works with Secret Barrel. It also has the ability to clog a field and prevent plays. Only downfall is that they can assist synchro summoning but honestly if your smart you can make more pros than cons here. It also is really nifty for if you side into Laval Golem

3x Reckless Greed: Chainable draw power and honestly you got tons of draw power to work around skipping your draw phase. Its much more important to get lots of cards to your hand asap

3x Secret Barrel:  Chainable, and gives you some options vs ppl that really know how to duel this deck since it can hit cards in hand too.

3x Threatening  Roar: Some chain burn ppl may turn up a nose at this card. Im not a huge advocate on stall in this deck, but it is chain able and has lots of real tactical applications.


Ok the above is a no frills straight to the point chain burn deck. Yes you have to read the opponent some but there really is no finesse to the build. I wanted to offer another route to go into to give a little artistry to the burn. However in looking at the meta there is a strength to not using flip effect monsters and maybe looking towards hand traps like Maxx C to sub into the build

First can all your Faders (or scarecrows) and add:
Des Koala, Princess Tsurugi, Gorz, Lava Golem and Mask of Darkness
we are diversifying our burn here and going to recycle using Mask so we can use some judgement on traps that we can grab as we play.

Next can your reckless greeds and sub into Good Goblin Housekeeping. Used correctly with Fairy wind this card will deal 900 dmg from fairy wind and let you draw 12 cards only having to replace 3 back to the deck. For those anti Fairy wind ppl use emergency provisions gain 3000 lp and draw the cards :P

feel free to mix around the cards some marshmallion can work too or you can forgo the flip effect monsters and add Metaion the time lord which is fun too

Why not use...

One day of peace: sure its an excellent draw card but again this is not a stall deck in that one turn you can get msted heavied, horneted whatever and because you can't deal damage you are SOL. Trust me you want to hit hard and hit fast and not give them time to adjust to your deck.

Thunder Short: On the surface this card looks good, kinda a weaker spell version of just desserts, if it was a quick play Id run it but its not so its not chainable thus Id rather run old man and be more consistent

Dimension Wall:  OK I'm not a huge fan of Magic Cylinder but u can't argue with success. I don't run wall because it doesn't negate the attack, it doesn't protect your monster (since I use fader etc) and it needs a direct attack to deal the full amount of damage


OK first of if they know anything at all your opponent will go running to their triple MST, Dark Bribes ect. But you really need to be aware of the cards that can hurt you beyond the common cards

Monsters that will trip you up:
Jinzo, Naturia Beast, Naturia Barkion, Herald of Perfection, Legendary Six Samurai Shi En Lightness and Darkness Dragon, Prime Material Dragon, Hanewata
-My general answer to most of these monsters is Lava Golem however I do carry 3 double snares in the side just incase

Royal Decree, Trap Stun, Dark Bribe,
-Mehhhhh a well placed stun or bribe hurts but its not insurmountable for decree I got MSTs and Double snares in the side

MST and Heavy Storm
-Chain burn players will get all smug about heavy because they can chain most cards.... However when they have a set just desserts (and you with no monsters) or magic cylinder that one missing link can mean not getting an accumulated fortune to go off or less damage from chain strike etc etc. And against a good player they will set the MSTs let  you go off one turn then blow up your back rows on the next when you set them

Nobelman of cross out
Ummm Ummmm well..... ummmm you probably won't see this card

Some interesting combos:
Dark Simorgh/Anti spell fragrance 
-Im actually testing a Ninja Simorgh build now that spams out Simorgh like crazy when combined with Anti Spell fragrance you are completely locked out of your spell and traps that are not already set nor can you set your jar or flip effect monsters. 

Solemn Wishes/Appropriate
-I only put this down because I dueled against this and it impressed me so much (though you will never ever see it IMO)With Appropriate they draw when ever you do but they draw twice as much, and when they draw they gain 500 each time LOL I was hysterically laughing and raged quit myself. Cheers to that duelist for moment of brilliance.

Honestly play the averages you won't see most of these cards unless burn gets really popular like in the Frog FTK days but I thought it good to chat a bit on what can trip you up.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blasting The Rage Quit

Although not technically a FTK this is one that OTKs them on their very first standby phase, if you go first which is dam near close.

The deck pulls it off 90% of the time which is pretty decent. But it has some serious weak spots because it relies on 3 trap cards to pull of. And these cards can't be chained so with 3 MSTs running around you can be $#!t our of luck if your opponent knows whats up and has an MST but theres a little side deck trick you can pull going into game 2 to make their MSTs laughable.

The fun part of this deck is that as soon as you start running it ppl stay booing "Man, your plain that exodia deck" so you get to watch em scratch their heads when you set 3 and pass. FYI these type of decks are all about math and probability. while Exodia does give you a FTK and is less stoppable than this one. This deck has it over Exodia in consistency. You only need to draw into 3 cards for this one to work as opposed to Exodia's 5, plus because you can set you game winning cards you can have access to more draw power like "Into The Void"(although with "One Day of Peace" this may not be true anymore but lets leave that to talking about the side deck shall we?)


First the 3 win condition cards:

Wall of Revealing Light
When you activate this card, pay any multiple of 1000 Life Points. None of your opponent's monsters with an ATK equal to or less than the Life Points you paid can attack.

Life Equalizer
Activate this card when the difference between both players' Life Points is 8000 or more. Both players' Life Points become 3000.

Blasting The Ruins
You can only activate this card if there are 30 or more cards in your Graveyard. Inflict 3000 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points.

See now where Im going with this....
1. Get 30 cards into your grave so you can activate Blasting the Ruins in a couple steps
2. Wall of Reveling light to know your LP down  so the difference in LP between you and your opponent is 8000, this is rather easy since you run 3 upstart goblins. 
3. Life Equalizer to make both of your LP 3000
4. Blasting the Ruins to deal 3000 damage to your opponents LP


The Build:

3x Blue Eyes White Dragon- Draw power with "Trade-In" can be gotten into grave via "Future Fusion" can be brought to hand via "Dark Factory of Mass Production. And in the worst case scenario can be revived with "Monster Reborn" to attack for game if "Blasting of the Ruins" is nixed

3x Flamvell Guard- Draw power with "Card of Consonance" can be gotten into grave via "Future Fusion" can be brought to hand via "Dark Factory of Mass Production.

3x Blue Eyes Toon Dragon- Draw power with "Trade-In" and is searchable via "Toon Table of Contents"

2x Royal Magical Library-  With 25 spell cards you will have tons of draw power if you can get him out early. Abusable with "Toon Table of Contents" since you can play and search for another one till you end up with 3 counters and a Toon Dragon in your hand. Often times I may reborn him or reborn a second one to the field if I normaled the first. If you have 2 in play and don't pull of the play then just give up yugioh right now.

3x The White Stone of Legend- Draw power with "Card of Consonance" can tudor Blue-Eyes to your hand.

1x Card Destruction- With Dark Factory having Blue-Eyes or Guard in the grave is no biggy, gives you that reset button if you know your hand isn't working. lets me send Library to the grave to be reborn.

3x Cards of Consonance-  has 6 targets with guard and White Stone

3x Dark Factory of Mass Production-  Has 6 targets with guard and Blue-Eyes so you can keep making Trade-in or CoC plays. Can also work good with card destruction if you want to load up your hand to draw more

3x Hand Destruction-  Helps you get out of hands if your stuck, while getting cards like Blue-Eyes or Guard into the grave to be brought back via Dark Factory, helping place counters on Library 

3x Into The Void-  Not only free draw power but enables you to get those last cards you may need into the grave to meet the 30 card requirement you will need for Blasting of the Ruin

2x Magical Mallet- Helps you get out of hands if your stuck. can get "Toon Table of Contents" or Toon Dragon back in your deck to enable the toon plays.

1x Monster Reborn-  Revives a Library for more draw power, revives a Blue-Eyes if you know you can't pull of the combo till next turn. 

3x Toon Table of Contents-  Thins the deck, fills the grave for your 30 cards and places counters on library. Play one, search for a second, play second search for a third, play third search for Toon Dragon, Draw with the 3 counters it put on library. Gets a toon dragon to hand to use with "Trade-In"

3x Upstart Goblin- Draw power, Library fodder, BUT.... is essential in getting that 8000 lp difference you need for "Life Equalizer" 

HUH...  Why no Pot of Duality??? Well in playing the deck quite a bit, charting all the success and fails I determined that its better to have Monster Reborn than the extra draw power of 1 POD. It may be player preference but statistically my chances were higher with the Special Summoned Library than the POD

 You can pop out the second "Magical Mallet" for a "Future Fusion" Its a great deck thinner and grave filler while giving you something to work with if you don't pull the combo off Im mean hey FHD is still FHD. I go both ways on this card so test em both. (Pot of Avarice is also another good choice to sub in for the 2nd Magical Mallet)

The second alternative I use my side deck for. If your opponent has any smarts they will now know where to hit you where it hurts for game 2... They will go after your traps primarily (Solemn Judgement, Dark Bribe, MST etc) or the graveyard that need 30 cards to activate "Blasting the Ruins"(Dimensional Fissure, Macro Cosmos, Soul release, maybe a DD Crow) or Life Points needed to trigger "Life Equalizer" (Solemn Warning, Upstart Goblin). So here is my entire solution in game 2 side into Exodia. Pull out 3 traps, 3 Into the Voids, 1 Card Destruction,  3 Hand Destruction and side in 5 pieces of exodia, 1 Pot of Duality, 1 Future Fusion, and 3 One Day of Peace. Now when they smile as they set all their back rows you can smile right back. Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos is still a really big deal but its a roll of the dice you could side into some MSTs of your own but if your playing the law of averages then MSTs will only hurt you

Countdown to Rage Quit

OK you want to make someone rage quit in Yu-Gi-Oh??

Besides FTKing them there is nothing better than decks that never attack and still beats you. 

Whats worse is setting a timer telling someone in just how many turns they will lose in. 

I think there are 2 types of rage quit decks the Shock Rage Quit and the Suspense Rage Quit

Alfred Hitchcock the king of suspense said shocking an people is easy; you could show a group of people at a table playing cards and suddenly have an explosion, killing everyone. Much more effective is to show the same group playing cards but also show a time bomb placed under the table, knowing that it might explode any second. that is how you build suspense and a satisfying rage quit.

You can say what you will about FTK decks that never attack and win (believe me I love a good FTK shock rage quit like the next guy) but shutting someone down for 20 turns? Never attacking? and you win? hahahahaha let the countdown to rage quit begin.


This deck is based on one card "Final Countdown"

Pay 2000 Life Points. After 20 turns have passed (counting the turn you activate this card as the 1st turn), you win the Duel.

Simple right? 

  1. Get Final Coundown to your hand
  2. Play Final Countdown
  3. Stall for 20 turns

Simple? Yes. 
Easy? Yes and no. 

To really play this deck in a competitive environment you need to be able to read your opponent extremely well. This deck wins if you can walk that line between over extending and under extending. An over extender will find themselves quickly handless and no answers to any cards losing before the 20 turns are up. An under extender will quickly have all their life points knocked away way before they see the 20 turns. So honestly you need to have a good understanding of other decks, game mechanics as well as some math so you can make the long haul to 20 turns.

Its one of those decks that you will find yourself playing your opponent but also playing against your own self. Which for me makes it even more fun


For me Im all about optimizing consistency and after much trial and error I honed in on using Mystical Piper as the focus. Most of the monster cards are level 1 so for that he is good at plusing. The new cards for me that make this build live is "one day of peace" and Metalion the Timelord.  ODOP is draw power and stall all in one its the perfect card and one of the only answers you will have in the main deck to cards that burn for damage which is one of the decks tougher opponents (chain burn, Nurse Burn etc) and MTT- is an answer to decks that can OTK when they find a chink in your armor, not to mention that his effect sends him back to the deck for reuse and to give you more draw cards when your deck is thinning down because you waited 5 turns to play Final countdown. Ill chat about building your side deck at the bottom but first Ill get into the build as well as some of the challenges it faces. Read the cons in the card description as well to id some of the challenges.

3x Battle Fader
Pros: level 1 to work with piper, has the ability to stick around longer due to Zero Gardna, Threatening Roar, Waboku, and Thunder of Ruler. He is searchable via Sangan.
Cons: Effect can be negated via anything that negates summons. He is susceptible to Debunk and anything that hates on dark monster effects.

1x Metaion, The Timelord   *one seems just right due to his recycling effect
Pros: He is searchable via Sangan. Will feed your deck for further abuse after his effect goes off. Can clear the field from those poised to oak you when the opening presents itself. Gets rid of monsters whose effects can hurt the deck (Thunder King, Krystia, Jinzo etc etc) He is normal summonable through his effect so he works with pot of duality and around cards that impede special summoning. And he is not a dark or a light which a lot of cards are being run against 
Cons: Not a level 1 

3x Mystic Piper
Pros: He is searchable via Sangan. Is chain able with his effect to draw. You have 11 targets for his effect, so 1/4 of the deck lets you plus with this card
Cons: Hes a light monster which has a lot of hate against it right now. 
*There is a rather cool loop you can do with Kinka-byo and this card in the grave that yields tons of draw power however I ruled it out because in 20 turns I want to be very careful on losing cuz I deck out, although you can judiciously use this loop when you need to so test it out and see if it works for you.

1x Sangan
Pros: The decks searcher can grab all your monsters. He's standard in most variant of this deck

3x Swift Scarecrow
Pros: level 1 to work with piper. He is searchable via Sangan. Because he is not summoned he can't be stopped by cards that negate summoning. He is a Earth which has less hate than light and dark monsters 
Cons: By going to the grave he doesn't hang around for attack fodder, Is hurt by cards that don't allow access to the grave.

2x Winged Kuriboh
Pros: level 1 to work with piper, has some stun capabilities. He is searchable via Sangan.
Cons: Im not a huge fan of this card because the effect isn't chain able. I only keep it around because of the level 1 thing but he would be the first card I dump in a rebuild. There are Kuriboh builds out there but IMO he is lack luster in this one. Speaking of luster BLS will have you hating this card so if you are against a chaos deck side him out asap as for any deck that uses piercers.
*Ive actually messed with sliding in 2 messengers of peace to replace kuriboh, its great bait for MSTs but heavy hurst it unlike your other chainables and with Inzektors its just too easy to blow up 

3x Zero Gardna
Pros: His stall effect is chain able. Is a earth and a level 4 giving you access to more synchs if you side into effect veiler and need to go that route. He's searchable via sangan 
Cons: I wish this guy was a level 1 but thats about it

3x Final Countdown
I run 3 and after I play it I either grab the others with gold sarc so I don't draw into it and set it for MST bait. The 2000 cost + upstarts lets some variants run frozen soul but I found soul fairly worthless with Metaions burn effect happening but oh well thought Id mention it

3x Gold Sarcophagus
Gets that Final Countdown to your hand that much quicker. I normally grab for a Metaion or a final countdown after I played final countdown so I can clear my draws for more piper plays or cards that I need to draw into for my stall

3x One Day of Peace
Card is bad@ss give you a draw and stall in one shot. Plus saves you from pesky burn effects

3x Threatening  Roar
Don't wait to trigger it when they declare an attack since it will let that attack go through (unless this is your plan)

3x Thunder of Ruler
Its like T-Roars weaker brother, it can be a tough call to flip if they have no monsters out since it has to flip in the main phase. BUT they could also swarm and OTK you so reading your opponent and understanding their deck is crucial. 

3x Waboku
Doesn't stop the battle so glads and others that need to attack for the effect to go off can still get around this card b ut it can be chains to an attack and stop that damage unlike T-Roar and T-Ruler.

You really want to watch out for things that stop your spell and/or traps. Royal decree hurts 25% of your deck and you have no MST or heavy storm in the main. A Dark Bribe or Solemn Judgement on your final countdown can really smart as well.

Other than that burn decks can really get at you fast before you can make the 20 turns, Herald of Perfection builds get mighty tricky, Glads can have the potential to work around some of your cards but Its hilarious to side into GB Hunter who also has the effect of making Metaion stay on the field which will quickly have them pulling their hair out.

But with the new structure deck Dragons Collide coming out you gotta be prepared to see LADD, you will waste tons of resources on getting rid go ladd which in a deck that is always down to the wire this can be a game breaker. Ladd and Herald are why Lava Golem in the side can be so much fun

Speaking of Dragons heres a screenshot, and I kid you not this was his field for like 15 turns Im sure he was just itching to take a swing

Ok at the expense of some consistency (but not much) you can really amp up the RQ potential of this deck.

Pull out the Metaion, The Timelord for a Lava Golem. This does one of 2 things, will waste a Solemn that could have been used by your opponent to hit a fader. Get rid of a pesky Herald or other monster that may cause you trouble like ladd or jinzo. but more importantly it really pisses people off. In all reality its not a win condition because after a couple upstarts you will hit 20 turns with final long before lava's 1000 per stand by does them in, but to pull a lava golem summon is like raising your middle finger the 1000 per turn will just grate at them as the clock ticks the turns away.